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Death has become a big business.Elaborate coffins illuminate hidden history of ancient Egypt

Last week, Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities announced a spectacular find. More than 100 elaborately decorated wooden coffins, many containing intact human...

Your dog’s brain doesn’t care about your face

Lots of dog owners love to gaze at their pups’ faces. But that fascination may be a one-way street, at least in...

New Guinea’s mysterious singing dogs found again in the wild

The haunting, plaintive wail of New Guinean singing dogs once resounded throughout the island’s lush mountains and valleys. Today, with the wild...

Water beetles can live on after being eaten and excreted by a frog

For most insects, the sticky, slingshot ride straight into a frog’s mouth spells the end. But not for one stubborn water beetle.

Dolphins can learn from peers how to use shells as tools

For some bottlenose dolphins, finding a meal may be about who you know. Dolphins often learn how to hunt...

DNA from a 5,200-year-old Irish tomb hints at ancient royal incest

A man buried in a huge, roughly 5200-year-old Irish stone tomb was the product of incest, a new study finds.