Empowering communities through open knowledge

Knowledge is not a privilege that should be reserved for a selected few. It’s the bloodline of progress, the force behind great inventions, course-altering discoveries, and both small- and large-scale societal improvements. Diamond Scientific Publishing believes that knowledge should be shared generously and freely, empowering communities, inspiring conversations, and establishing networks. That’s why Dpublication (Diamond Scientific Publishing), an international online publishing house, has chosen the open access publishing model. 

Diamond Scientific Publishing publishes academic books, journals, and conference proceedings in a variety of fields. It has quickly established itself as one of the most reputable publishers due to its rigorous screening process. Every submission is first reviewed by an editor, evaluating it for quality and relevancy. Only those submissions that pass this evaluation get passed to the next stage – a double-blind peer review.

Diamond Scientific Publishing

The publishing house has been continuously recruiting the world’s top academics with deep expertise and a strong reputation in various disciplines. Both the editors and the reviewers follow a strict process for quality control, providing the applicants with detailed feedback and working with authors every step of the way to finalize their manuscripts and prepare them for publication.

Open access publishing means that anyone, anywhere in the world can access the books, journals, and conference proceedings published by Diamond Scientific Publishing (Dpublication). This empowers communities on a local and regional level, sparks discussions, and stimulates collaboration. The authors, in the meantime, retain their copyright through the CC BY 4.0 attribution license.

The world is a complex place. It doesn’t stay still, it doesn’t always follow a predictable pattern. The only way to respond to challenges and provide actionable solutions is through collaboration. Breaking the barriers to knowledge access is crucial to making that happen. Diamond Scientific Publishing was founded to democratize knowledge and has been working tirelessly since to live up to this mission.

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